Traffic Safety Laws

Obioku Obotette
3 min readOct 18, 2020

Driving is a very important aspect to the lives of many people in this world. Whether it entails going to work, to meet a friend or starting a vacation, we choose to travel on the roadways often. And each time it happens, we are essentially putting our lives at risk. Accidents are hopefully a rare occurrence to any individual reading this but incidents transpire every day for the general public. There might not be a determinable way to contrive a resolution because the causes that lead to automobile mishaps vary greatly. There could be a tactic to decrease the probability however. Placing additional emphasis on the phone and texting laws would help immensely. There are already laws in place to deter these activities while driving but I feel there could be some additional measures to help curb this process.
Using the phone while behind the wheel is really an unnecessary distraction that can lead to serious problems. If your phone rings, you may immediately take your eyes off the road. Then in some cases, there will be a search and rescue mission just to find the phone before answering it. All that takes place before the conversation even begins. Texting may be even more dangerous as there is no hands free way to do it and it will definitely necessitate the extended use of at least one hand. If at any moment you are using two hands to text while the vehicle is moving then that is the severe circumstance. These are the reasons people can get injured when something goes wrong. Each activity diverts attention from the main focus of being a responsible driver. There are some people who will proclaim that they can do this effectively and still control the car safely. Though that maybe true, I would still promote and support the law against it. The number of times you are able to get away with it does not mean your chances are the same in the next attempt. The law is commendable for the practice of protecting everyone even if it can inconvenience a few.
Some practical measures can be implemented to ensure the advancement of this regulation. Traffic cameras already used at intersections and high traffic areas can take pictures of drivers as they pass through. If the driver is seen to be using a phone, a ticket is then sent to their residence similar to other uses of the traffic camera. This would be a huge assistance in modifying this behavior. I suppose another step would be for patrolling officers to be able to determine if a cell phone is in use by the driver. If technology could be produced to determine if someone was talking on the phone while steering would be a logical stride for…

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