God’s Word Translation

Obioku Obotette
16 min readOct 17, 2020

Find True Love!
The fact that you are still looking for it proves success for both those that inhibit the past and those that hope for you in their future!

Understand the Transition.
The stigma that enables curiosity can be equaled by the finality of the truth for each end of the spectrum!

Be mindful of your actions. As you establish leadership, your methods will be relived by others who felt you were justified whether they are seen as mistakes or successes in hindsight. I hope for the best for all who feel I am worthy of being followed.

When this life is complete, you will have the satisfaction of saying you’ve seen it from start to finish! You witnessed every moment and supported every instance. What else can it be? And then the end happens because you enjoyed it more than I ever could had.

Maybe the accomplishment was finding another path in which you are able to move forward. As always, use this opportunity to progress your better qualities from the past and improve on the flaws that might have created this to attempt to have a different conclusion. It seems like every day can be seen as time to remember who you were and simultaneously decide who it is you are trying to become!

Part of the frustration is knowing where you are and seeing your destination but the events between the two points are completely left to assumption until actuation is realized. And even then there is an act and counteract to each step growing the population in both directions.

Your perspective is just different from others. And in each instance you both see exactly what you wanted to. What makes me sad is essential to the enjoyment of those with a differing view. My escape should not be another’s permanent place. I just choose to settle for what I can get because I have never been able to get what I want. Now is the time to prepare for the future and accept the facts of my failed past.

As long as something happens, the merits of its beginning nor the consistency of its action does not matter. Every action creates…

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